Vision and Dream

The True Legacy Media Difference

Whether your company is ushering in a new product line, creating a new division, sponsoring a charity event, or creating a website. True Legacy Media will address your present and  future needs with solutions to increase profitability and/or productivity.

  • True Legacy Media Campaigns achieve better results and cost less in the long-term for clients.
  • We serve customer brands with experience and individual assignments.
  • We strive to multiply results for customers, by investing in effective long-term strategies.

Try Our Try Six-Week Plan To Sustained Promotion

True Legacy Media LLC can put you on the map toward greater long term growth. We helpfully create and tailor a media marketing plan exclusive to your brand. We further suggest tie-in services that can supplement each single assignment. We understand you have present needs — and future needs. We can help you tie them all together with a winning strategy.

We provide data to help determine the time and costs involved for you, and why our solutions are the best choices to boost your company's profits. We also help serve our customers with desktop publishing services, market consulting, and project coordination and management that can help multiply your results and profits.

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How Can We Help?

At True Legacy Media we believe that a campaign comprised of a succession of assignments, can achieve — and exceed — expectations and outsell the performance of a single assignment. We proudly assist from concept to completion. We provide services and guidance our customers trust.

We are marketing consultants and can make recommendations as to the best way forward in most instances. 
We provide consulting services, for clients to better gather ideas, concepts, and recommendations, along with turnkey solutions for achieving the best possible results, for the long term.  

Short Term Publishing Assignments

At True Legacy Media,  we assess each client uniquely to create an overall product strategy. We welcome short-term publishing assignments. We resolve what will best benefit our customer, using our professional experience. 

We create and utilize various promotional pieces, including but now limited to; ads, direct mail, press news releases, announcements, to trade publications and so on, we help to market you and sell your product or service in a short term publishing assignment format.

  • Short-term results are the results each individual program achieves.
  • Long-term results are the results that each part of our strategy contribute to the entire campaign.
  • We always incorporate other forms of promotional materials in order to obtain superior results.