Superior Wide Reach

Developing Presence Online and Offline

At True Legacy Media, we believe in the importance of a wide reach that communicates the benefits of your products and/or services effectively to your ideal customer.  True Legacy Media specializes in communication and design marketing for entrepreneurs, authors and entertainers.

Promotion makes or breaks a business. Any successful business—from a small, locally owned dry cleaner to a colossal, nationally operated department store—will agree that a large part of their success can be attributed to the marketing technique they employ.

Consumers need to know about you and the products or services you offer, before they can buy them from you. True Legacy Media utilizes data driven programs tailored independently to each and every client’s needs and  budget.

Reach Wide

We cover your bases in creating a program that builds a wide awareness over time by developing PR initiatives and strategies to cultivate your presence in the industry of your choosing.

Some of what we do: 

• Maintain your social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, company blog, etc)
• Preparing and publish promotional articles for both print and online industry magazines and PR outlets
• Release information about new products and company developments
• Organize all documentation
• Support outside brand representation with regular community and customer outreach
• Initiate cross-promotion with related companies in your field

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